50 Hour Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa, Pranayama & Meditation

Italia Power Yoga - Florence, Italy with Giulietta Evans 

NEXT TRAINING: Starting February 15th

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This 50 Hour Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa is ideal for who is looking to strengthen their classes or personal practice. All students and teachers are welcome to take this training.

NEXT TRAINING FROM February 15th weekend only, dates flexible depends on group Ten hours per day ( hours will be decided upon everyones availabilities )  


RYT 50 Hours Training: Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa with Yoga Alliance 


This course is ideal for already certified yoga teachers of every style or students who simply just want to strengthen and deepen their practice with power yoga vinyasa. You will have a certification of Power Yoga Vinyasa which is worldwide recognized and counts as continuing education with Yoga Alliance. 


Learn how to flow in and out of inversions and how to safely teach and guide your students towards a sincere meditation practice, inner peace and success in advanced yoga poses.


How long?  A total of 45 hours of Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa & 5 hours of Traditional  Pranayama and Meditation. The hours and scheduling for each course is different as the students decide what is better for them and their schedule.


What is covered? We start off with a recap of understanding the Yogic breath and how we need to use it during our practice, reminding ourselves that yoga is not about completing a pose but our physical, energetic and mental state moving in and out of poses. 


We then go to separatly assist every position in our 60min long sequence given in our manual to study the individual pose, study how to safely teach it then try it on our bodies. 


 During the 45 hours of Power Yoga Vinyasa we will have the full understanding of the Anatomy of the body and starting from day 1 will learn how to teach. Using this knowledge, we will learn to teach a 60 min class divided in a 5 min intro, 50 min Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow Sequence, 5 min of guided Pranayama, Meditation and  savasana.

( Hours and dates are flexible ) 

February 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,& 23 BRUSSELS 


More about the Teacher:

Giulietta Evans also known as Etta Evans born in New York and raised in Hawaii where she started her yoga journey. Etta is also half Italian where she is currently based, Florence Italy, and part time owner of two school called Italia Power Yoga. Etta has deepened her studies in Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Florence and New York also study online with teachers from India. The goal with this advanced Teacher Training is to teach not only how to do advanced poses from the mental and physical aspect, but how to safely guide your students towards advanced asanas while also deepen their knowledge in the mental aspect of yoga therefore meditation. 

Etta has created a new approach towards learning advanced asanas that respect that all bodies are different and must have a different way entering to to certain poses. 

Planning to stay in Florence ? As always we offer direct teaching spots in one of your two studios for who completes our training allowing you to continue learning while teaching for a starting of 50 volonteer hours that can then lead to you joining our team of teachers.

 Accommodation available!


 Total Hours of Training : 50 

Classes Break Up :


Attending Classes at Italia Power Yoga: Minimum 15 hours

Philosophy of pranayama & meditation + Physical Teaching & Practicing Theory Hours: 40

Cost Of Training :  600euro for IPY Teachers and Students  -  750 euro Regular 



Feb 15 & 16 & 22 & 23             8:00- 18.00

Feb 17, 18, 19, 20, 21              18.00 - 8.00 ( or whatever hours works best for students ) 

During the weekdays ( Feb 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ) from 18.00-19.00   Power yoga vinyasa level 2 class. During these hours the Teacher Training students must watch and assist the class and take notes and one hour study session on practicing advanced asanas. 

These two hours during the week can be optional, i understand the people work and can’t commit to every day.

According to Yoga Alliance for the 50 hour teacher training only 40 hours have to be contact hours ( which we cover during the weekends ) so during the week if they need to skip a day or two that won't be a problem I would suggest a minimum of 2 classes to be attended during the week. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Price for training 795 euro early bird discount ends January 15th regular price 850 euro.

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