All Trainings Have Two Prices. One price is to have a normal certification and the other is to receive a Yoga Alliance Certification.

All 50hrs Teacher Trainings are modules apart of our 300 hrs Teacher Training which include's: Advanced Power Yoga, Mandala Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Advanced Chakras, Kundalini & Tantra, Yin Yoga. 

Check out our 300hrs TT page under Teacher Trainings.

50 or 100 Hour Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa:


This 50 or 100 Hour Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa is ideal for who is looking to strengthen their classes or personal practice. All students and teachers are welcome to take this training

You choose whether you want the training to be 50 hours or 100 hours!

This course is ideal for certified teacher who want to learn & gain the confidence to teach and guide their students in advanced Yoga asanas, ​Strengthen and add creativity to their Yoga class while having fun!

What is covered? We start off with a recap of understanding the Yogic breath and how we need to use it during our practice, reminding ourselves that yoga is not about completing a pose but our physical, energetic and mental state moving in and out of poses. 


We then go to separately assist every position in our 60min long sequence given in our manual to study the individual pose, study the anatomy, how to safely teach it & then to try it on our bodies. 


 During this course we will have the full understanding of the Anatomy of the body and starting from day 1 will learn how to teach. Using this knowledge, we will learn to teach a 60 min class divided in a 5 min intro, 50 min Advanced Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow Sequence, 5 min of guided Pranayama, Meditation and  savasana.

Italia Power Yoga - Florence, Italy with

Giulietta Evans 

NEXT TRAINING: Starting September 19, 20, 26 & 27

Want to do this Training Online ?

Email me and i can add you to our Online course where you start & Finish when you want! Even the online course is certified with Yoga Alliance. 

The sequence you will be learning is actually 3 sequences put into one so once you are done with this course you are not stuck with just once sequence but can have fun choosing between 3 different classes. 


Sequence 1: How to prepare & build strength in your students bodies as a Power Yoga level 2 class.


Sequence 2: Adding many arm balances and challenges that will continue to not only strengthen your students body but challenge their resistance, focus  and mind control as a Power Yoga level 2 class.


Sequence 3: Now that your students know how to do advanced asana we bring the challenge of learning not only how to flow in & out of advanced inversion, but how to flow from one advanced inversion to another with control, focus & flow! 


You'll guide your students through a complete journey of min, body & soul evolution. 

— Etta Evans

50 Chakra Yoga

This Chakra Yoga Meditation course is focused on teaching you how to heal yourself and others throughout Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Color therapy & crystal healing. 

What will you learn? 

Full understanding & introduction to the first 22nd chakras.

Study the history of Colors.


Chakra Yoga Sequencing & healing for yourself & others.

Pranayama, Meditation & crystals.





200 hour Power Yoga vInyasa Teacher Training



- You ca do this course ONLINE

- Two week intensive Half ONLINE & Half In person ( Florence ) 

- Two week intensive in person  ( Florence ) 

- Weekends only in person ( Florence ) 

Find dates below.

We offer a 200-Hour teacher training in beautiful Florence & Brussels!


Don't miss our next Teacher Training From 

September 26th  Weekends Only in the heart of Florence, Italy

One week ONLINE & One week IN PERSON

September 21st - October 4th, 2020 Email us now to reserve your spot !

Our 200-Hour RYT Teacher Training program is thoughtfully designed for anyone looking to deepen their practice, build the foundation for advanced yoga training, or transform lives through teaching while being offerd the possibility to stay and teach at our studio. Students learn to teach a Level 1 & 1.5 power yoga Power vinyasa class, explore yoga philosophy and history, strengthen knowledge of postures and anatomy, and discover Sanskrit and Ayurveda. You can choose from 16 days intensive, 4 weeks, 8-9 weeks extended weekends only or  one-on-one private trainings.

 Official dates are flexible & hours will be decided depending on group availability. 

Our 200-Hour Curriculum uniquely blends the history and philosophical teachings of

yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing. While the

curriculum is stacked for an immersive learning experience, the delivery is hands-on

and personalized, encouraging a well-rounded approach to developing both your

personal practice and your teaching skills. The training is specifically designed to help


●Advance your study of asana ( including proper alignment, benefits, and

contraindications of the physical postures)

●Understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics

●Explore the science and art of sequencing

●Learn and practice hands-on adjustments

●See and interpret how energy moves through the body

●Use props to improve or modify a posture

●Cultivate your voice, both as a teacher and as an individual

●Build confidence through practice teaching

●Gain a broader understanding of yoga history and philosophy

●Learn and define the Sanskrit names of postures


Silvana Alfonso & Giulietta Evans ( instagram:  ettas_yogaflow ) 

Next Teacher Training : 


September 26th - November 28th in the heart of Florence, Italy

Accommodation Optional.

One week ONLINE One week In person INTENSIVE ​

September 21st - October 4th

October 26th - November 8th

November 23rd - December 6th

December 28th - January 10th

 Florence, Italy

Accommodation Optional.

Pregnant Yoga

50 hour Pre Natale 

Teacher Training

Learn how to give the best to you & your baby through every trimester! 

No need for a personal trainer, you know everything you need to know to help you, your friends & you will even have the possibility to teach to other students! 

1. You DO NOT have to already be a teacher to take this course 

2. You DO NOT need to know yoga to do this course.

3. This course is ideal for expecting mothers or teachers who want to be able to safely teach pre natale classes.

ONLINE: Start & End whenever you want! 

IN PERSON: Weekends only starting October 3,4, 10 & 11

Babies and Yoga


- You ca do this course ONLINE

- Two week intensive Half ONLINE & Half In person ( Florence ) 

- One week intensive in person  

( Florence ) 

- Weekends only in person ( Florence ) 


Prepare also for Post - Part. Learn how to get your body back into shape & fast!

Not only will this course help you or your students through pregnancy & birth but you will also learn what to do once the baby is out! 

Whether you take this course in person or online the certification is the same.

My goal is to protect mothers from poorly trained teachers thinking only of the money and not the health & risk that can come with teaching pre natale. So my goal is to spread awareness & build strong teachers to protect mothers & their child.

This 50 hour module is a part of our 300 hour teacher training. Take each module separately in your own time and accumulate your hours to then complete your 300 hour TT.



Welcome to a sequence that will flow you through the four elements while we learn about mandala yoga &  the connection to elements, chakras, moon cycle & mantras! 

This 50 hour module is a part of our 300 hour teacher training. Take each module separately in your own time and accumulate your hours to then complete your 300 hour TT.

September  13, 14, 26 & 27 Weekends only.

$650 with Regular certification

$850 with Yoga Alliance Certification


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